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Pacific Northwest Stories (PNWS), the podcast production company behind The Black Tapes Podcast and Tanis , specializes in docu-dramas that investigate the eerie, the unexplained and the mythological.

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PNWS began podcast production in 2015, promising their loyal listeners more of the engaged reporting and serialized storytelling that made them a popular radio brand. (PNWS has since noted their former host has removed their past work from the internet, but has not made public the reasons behind the arguably controversial move.)

PNWS specializes in cultural experiences and legends focused in the region, relating tales running the gamut of human experience: from spiritual seekers to the true-crime stories of serial killers that either passed through or made the pacific northwest their home, the stories pay homage to the geographical area that seems to be a locus for paranormal phenomena, whether real or imagined.

PNWS is Paul Bae (Partner/Producer), Terry Miles (Partner/Producer), Alex Regan (Host), is produced by Nic Silver and Christina Raines, and engineered by Alan Williams. Alex Regan hosts The Black Tapes Podcast, a serial drama that began with a look into reported paranormal activity captured on a collection of VHS tapes belonging to Dr. Richard Strand, but over the course of nearly one and a half seasons, has since also focused on Strand as the founder of the Strand Institute, an establishment whose purpose is to investigate and, more often than not, disprove paranormal theories of unexplained phenomena.

Nic Silver, the producer who helps to point Alex in the direction of new stories in The Black Tapes Podcast, takes over host duties in Tanis, where his unapologetic enthusiasm for “cultivating and protecting a sense of mystery” leads him deep into the woods, to cafes for clandestine meetings, and to abrupt Skype sessions with his perpetually impatient cyber informant, Meerkatnip. With interested parties and skeptics alike, they delve into the myth of Tanis, the ancient city that sometimes isn’t a city, that’s always on the move and begs people to follow, those interested in exploring its legend calling for “runners” to experience it. 

PNWS has a true-crime docu-drama currently in development.

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